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Outcome: BMVI funding programmes for the procurement of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure show results Implementation of the funding programmes by NOW ensures coordination with municipal requirements Central platform for representatives from municipalities, transport operators as well as fleet operators Regional focus: good examples of municipal implementation in Saxony

Berlin/Leipzig, 26 February 2018 – Zero emission mobility in cities and in rural areas – the 5th “Elektromobilität vor Ort” conference of local electric mobility of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI – Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur) focuses on the expansion of electric mobility in cities and municipalities. The conference has established itself nationally as the central platform for exchange among representatives from municipalities, municipal enterprises and transport companies as well as fleet operators. In Leipzig, around 500 participants were informed about the advances being made in the expansion of infrastructure for alternative fuels, about the changeover to electric mobility in public transport and commercial transport, and about current technological developments. The provision of practical information on applicable funding opportunities from BMVI programmes is a further important aspect of the conference schedule.

Within the scope of the electric mobility funding guidelines of the BMVI, applicable since 2015, a large number of regional and municipal activities could be initiated in the funding priority areas of research & development as well as procurement and concept support. To date, around 160 procurement and 130 concept submissions could be implemented. This encompasses 2,500 fleet vehicles besides 600 recharging infrastructure units necessary for their operation. Insights gained from day-to-day project work are brought together and evaluated through the accompanying research conducted as part of the funding programme.

The first evaluation of the BMVI’s Recharging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles funding programme, which is coordinated by NOW GmbH National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology, became available in time for the conference. Since 1 March 2017, private investors, cities and municipalities could make submissions within the scope of two funding calls (spring and autumn 2017) for the establishment and expansion of recharging points. The first funding call led to the approval of around 9,000 recharging points (as at February 2018), including 1,500 fast-charging points.

Dr. Klaus Bonhoff, Managing Director of NOW GmbH: “The federal funding support for the expansion of electric mobility is showing results. The approval of recharging points alone leads to a doubling of the number of such points in Germany – and even a tripling of fast-charging points. Similarly, we could also double the number of publically-accessible hydrogen refuelling station over the past years.”

The Free State of Saxony hosts the conference for the first time. Contributions about Leipzig as an electromobile city, on the electric mobility concept of the Leipzig district, on the infrastructure needs in Saxony, about the “e-valley” in Saxony along with current research results in public transport, logistics, and recharging infrastructure, place a clear focus on the state of Saxony. Christian Micksch, Managing Director of Saxony’s energy agency SAENA GmbH: “The profound changes occurring in the field of mobility require openness and commitment in both urban centres and rural areas in order to implement new mobility concepts effectively. The broad-based research landscape in Saxony and Saxony’s open-technology approach provide an ideal foundation upon which to prepare for future-oriented mobility – characterised by electric mobility and intelligently networked transport systems.”

The conference programme was rounded off by: an extensive excursions programme; a comparative view of the development of electric mobility internationally; an overview of current research and development projects; the chance to meet with manufacturers; and an opportunity to discuss alternative drives in the maritime sector. The conference was organised by NOW GmbH. The event partner was the energy agency of Saxony, SAENA GmbH, and was conducted in cooperation with the Deutsche Städtetag (German association of cities and towns), the Deutsche Landkreistag (German association of rural districts), der Deutsche Städte- und Gemeindebund (German association of towns and municipalities) and the Verband kommunaler Unternehmen (VKU – association of municipal companies).

Practical information for municipalities is provided by NOW on the website www.starterset-elektromobilität.de [in German only].

Information on all current and completed projects can be found via the NOW project finder at www.now-gmbh.de [some in German only] dokumentiert.