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Climate protection and a high quality of life – our approach to mobility is a decisive factor here, now and in the future. Shaping the mobility transition in a successful manner also helps to strengthen Germany as a location for industry.

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What types of fuel cell buses are there?

Frage des Monats

Buses with fuel cell drive can be distinguished between pure fuel cell vehicles (FC) and battery-electric vehicles in which a fuel cell also acts as a range extender to extend the range (FC-REX). Both have the main components in common: Fuel cell, high-voltage battery and pressurized tanks for the hydrogen.

More information in our guide “Introduction of Hydrogen Buses in Public Transport”.

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Shaping Germany’s mobility for tomorrow, keeping a close eye on the climate goals. The federal government supports both innovations as well as the development and expansion of established technologies. It initiates a wide range of funding schemes through its ministries, coordinated by NOW GmbH, offering financial support, know-how and networking opportunities. Our Funding Call Finder lets you search in a targeted manner.

Newly registered electric passenger cars in Germany

Newly registered plug-in hybrid passenger cars in Germany

Newly registered fuel cell passenger cars in Germany


Newly registered electric buses in Germany

Newly registered plug-in hybrid buses in Germany

Newly registered fuel cell buses in Germany


Newly registered electric commercial vehicles in Germany

Newly registered plug-in hybrid commercial vehicles in Germany

Newly registered fuel cell commercial vehicles in Germany


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The project landscape in the mobility and energy sector is diverse. Projects originate from the funding programmes: NIP, EM, LIS and MFS. Interesting partnerships have sometimes been formed around a specific topic. Research and science, municipalities, companies and associations, are all invited to submit project ideas in response to calls for funding. Our finder allows you to search for projects in a targeted manner, including suggestions for possible cooperation.

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