Project outlines for research and development projects which support the market ramp-up of electric vehicles and innovative concepts for climate-friendly mobility can now be submitted to Projektträger Jülich. The new accelerated selection procedure will ensure speedy implementation of the projects.

Particular attention is paid therefore, to project proposals where the project partners are already in agreement to the greatest possible extent and, because of the degree of maturity and market relevance of the proposals, display a high probability of being implemented. Outlines can be submitted until 15 February 2021. Furthermore there will also be a regular call for the research and development funding priority in 2021.

The funding call for research and development is the first following the publication of the new electric mobility funding guideline on 24.12.2020. Overall, the BMVI has already been supporting market preparation and ramp-up since 2015. With the new electric mobility funding guideline which runs until the end of 2025, the BMVI is continuing to support battery-electric mobility. The guideline centres on market ramp-up and supports the conversion of municipal and commercial fleets with higher traffic volumes to battery-electric vehicles from now on. At the same time the charging infrastructure required for the operation of the vehicles is being funded.

In addition, under the funding guideline framework electric mobility concepts are funded, the content of which could range from general analyses of the potential of electric mobility to concepts with a specific application context. Another priority of the guideline is the funding of application-oriented research and development projects (see current funding call) to strengthen the competitiveness of research institutions and industry for the provision of an efficient transport and mobility infrastructure.

At the beginning of 2021 there will be funding call for each of the three funding priorities.

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