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16.6 million electric passenger cars by 2030

NOW publishes factsheet on market development from a manufacturer’s perspective.

Facilitating bidirectional charging nationwide

Advisory Board of the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure presents recommendations for action at the BMDV.

Wissing: Deutschlandnetz gets off to a swift start

First site opens in Düren

Baden-Württemberg enters 130 properties into the FlächenTOOL system for the expansion of charging infrastructure

To accelerate the expansion of charging infrastructure, the state of Baden-Württemberg is now using FlächenTOOL, produced by the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure, to list 130 federally- and state-owned parking areas along federal and state roads.

‘Easy charging at the depot’– Guide published on setting up truck charging infrastructure at depots

The National Centre for Charging Infrastructure under the umbrella of NOW GmbH, has today published the guide entitled: ‘Easy charging at the depot’ on the occasion of the BMDV conference on climate-friendly commercial vehicles 2023. It provides basic information on setting up charging infrastructure for heavy battery-electric commercial vehicles at depots.

New ‘LadeLernTOOL’ course helps municipalities with charging infrastructure

The National Centre for Charging Infrastructure today launched the fourth course offered by their digital learning platform, LadeLernTOOL. The tool helps administrative staff acquire and develop the knowledge needed for managing and authorising the installation of local charging infrastructure.

BMDV supports electric mobility with €45,000 in funding: Public utilities operator Berliner Stadtwerke opens charging park in the city centre

Berliner Stadtwerke has installed four new charging stations equipped with eight charging points in the district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf in Berlin. The Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (Bundesministerium für Digitales und Verkehr) supported the publicly accessible charging park with €45,000 in funding. Together with Manja Schreiner, Senator for Mobility, Transport, Climate Protection and the Environment of the State of Berlin, and Johannes Pallasch, Spokesperson of the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure and Division Manager of NOW GmbH, the company today put them into operation.

BMDV funds the development of fast-charging infrastructure for company cars and trucks

The Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) is supporting companies in building fast-charging infrastructure for cars and trucks through a new funding programme. Commercially used fast-charging points with a charging capacity of at least 50 kW will be funded as well as the required grid connection.

BMDV funds package combining charging station, PV system and storage

Announced by Federal Minister Dr. Volker Wissing, the funding programme for self-generation and use of solar power on residential buildings for electric vehicles begins on 26 September 2023. Owners of owner-occupied residential buildings can apply for a KfW subsidy of up to 10,200 euros for a charging station, photovoltaic system and battery storage, as long as there is an existent electric car or there is a binding order for one.