Electric mobility for all: the Deutschlandnetz with 9,000 charging points is coming. Federal Minister Dr. Volker Wissing launches the campaign for the Deutschlandnetz at the LISKon Charging Infrastructure Conference 2024 (LISKon – Ladeinfrastruktur-Konferenz 2024).

Wissing: “Fast charging, driving with peace of mind: That’s what the Deutschlandnetz is all about. Anyone travelling by electric car will find an ultra-fast charging station virtually everywhere in future. Because we are investing in the charging parks of the future. Near you and along your routes. With the Deutschlandnetz, the last blank spots on the charging map will also disappear – and with them any anxiety about range. This is the message we want to convey with our campaign. We’re not just talking, we’re building – and will continue doing so until the next fast-charging station is just a few minutes away anywhere in Germany.”

The Deutschlandnetz campaign consists of three different poster motifs, which can be seen on billboards and digital displays in cities and along federal trunk roads starting from 15 July. The slogan of the posters is “The Deutschlandnetz is here. And soon here, here, and here, too.” This intends to emphasise that new fast-charging locations are now opening everywhere and that the last gaps in the charging infrastructure are now closing quickly. A campaign film is also being produced for social media and will be released at the beginning of the summer holiday season.

More information on the Deutschlandnetz can be found here: www.deutschlandnetz.de


Further key aspects of LISKon 2024 are the preparations for the fast-charging network for electric trucks and the support for local authorities as key players in the expansion of the charging infrastructure. On behalf of the BMDV, the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure is presenting new and improved support services and digital tools for local authorities:


Johannes Pallasch, spokesperson for the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure and Head of Division at NOW GmbH:

“In terms of coverage, number and capacity of publicly accessible charging points, Germany is currently in a good position, both in relation to the existing fleet of e-vehicles and in a European comparison – at least at present, as the technological and capacity developments are clearly foreseeable in our view. In order to keep pace with vehicle ramp-up forecasts, we cannot afford to let up on scaling the overall charging infrastructure system now. With their monitoring and data expertise, our colleagues at the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure are therefore continuing to keep a close eye on this overall system and are successfully setting new planning standards in our product landscape, to the benefit of all stakeholders.”

Speakers on the panel include Daniela Kluckert, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Digital and Transport and Commissioner of the BMDV for charging station infrastructure; Dagmar Fehler and Johannes Pallasch, management team of the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure; Kurt-Christoph von Knobelsdorff, CEO and spokesperson of NOW GmbH; Dirk Brandenburger, Managing Director Technology, Autobahn GmbH; Dr. Marcus Bollig, Managing Director Product & Value Creation, VDA e.V.; Dr. Jan Strobel, Head of Regulation, Market Communication and Mobility Department, BDEW e.V. and Marion Jungbluth, Head of Team Mobility and Travel, Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband e.V.

The recording of the conference will be published on the NOW GmbH YouTube channel.


Image: © Franz Josef, Berlin