On behalf of the Federal Ministry for Transport, NOW supports project networks that research innovative solutions in the e-mobility field. In the ‘Innovations for electric mobility’ publication, we present ongoing and completed projects. We explain what is being researched, show practice-relevant results and findings, thereby casting an eye into the future of mobility.

Within the framework of the electric mobility funding guideline, the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) supports the implementation of application-oriented research and development projects (R&D projects). Project networks across the country are developing and testing new technologies and innovative utilisation concepts for different transport modes: trucks, light and heavy commercial vehicles, rail vehicles, buses and ships.

In six funding calls for R&D projects, 36 application-oriented projects with a total funding volume of about 76 million euros have be approved so far. The project networks are comprised of large, medium-sized and small companies, universities, research institutes, public institutions and associations. Open research questions are examined here in a technologically-specific and transport mode-neutral manner. In the digital publication ‘Innovations for electric mobility we present the 36 projects that have been approved so far in profile form.

Three projects out of 36

  • In one of the first R&D projects funded by the BMDV, FastCharge, it was successfully researched which specific requirements were generated for vehicle components and charging infrastructure as a result of high charging capacities of up to 450 kW.
  • The EKE-ÖPNV project showed that e-city buses that recharge at fast-charging stations are substantially less expensive to run in the long term.
  • In the BEMU project, a regional train was equipped with a battery. This charges on track sections with overhead lines. Powered by battery, it continues to travel on routes where previously only diesel trains were able to operate

Kurt-Christoph von Knobelsdorff, CEO and Spokesperson of NOW GmbH
: “Innovative charging technologies, vehicle components, services or application-oriented utilisation concepts – what advances e-mobility tomorrow has to be researched, developed and tested today. The BMDV supports project networks from science and industry that do exactly that. The NOW expert team support the consortia and their projects with commitment and know-how, they bring people and knowledge together, thereby supporting the further ramp-up of electric mobility.”

NOW’s electric mobility team supports the consortia in the implementation of their projects. This boosts cross-project exchange with stakeholders from industry, science and politics as well as guarantees the utilisation of results and findings. The practical relevance to the various applications is supported by close cooperation with experts from the NOW teams for busescommercial vehiclesrail vehiclesmaritime applications as well as the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure. The Centre uses relevant results from the R&D projects for the further planning of charging infrastructure development.

About the Electric Mobility funding guideline

On the basis of the electric mobility funding guideline, the BMDV has funded battery-electric applications in three research areas since 2015.  One priority is the conversion of municipal and commercial fleets to battery-electric vehicles, with support provided for their acquisition. The development of electric mobility concepts that analyse the potential of specific application cases is also funded. The third focus is application-oriented research and development projects.

“Innovations for electric mobility” publication (PDF)


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