NOW GmbH is publishing three English-speaking factsheets on the following regulations: Fuel EUMaritime, ReFuelEU Aviation, and Renewable Energy Directive III (RED III).

In 2023, the European Union (EU) adopted new legislation on renewable fuels. Now the phase of implementing this legislation in the member states has begun in 2024. A new, English-language factsheet series by NOW GmbH introduces these latest regulations in detail. It examines the shipping sector with the FuelEU Maritime regulation, the aviation sector with the ReFuelEU Aviation regulation, and the transport sector in general with the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED III). The series provides an initial overview of potential consequences of the regulations and explains what role renewable fuels could play in fighting climate change.

Kurt-Christoph von Knobelsdorff, CEO and Spokesperson of NOW GmbH: “The newly-shaped European legislative framework creates the investment security that the market has long been waiting for. It is crucial to now push through with a fast and ambitious implementation of the regulations by the member states. Our factsheets provide sector professionals with an opportunity to obtain compact and sound information about this complex subject matter.”

Factsheet 1: Fuel EUMaritime
The first factsheet in the series highlights the requirements of the regulation in detail. These include the introduction of binding limits for greenhouse gas intensity of the energy used onboard ships. Secondly, the regulation introduces the mandatory use of emission-free energy supply at ports. The factsheet also lists how the new requirements are structured and which players in the maritime sector have to comply with them in future. Finally, it presents an overview of relevant sustainable shipping fuels that can be used to meet the targets.

Factsheet 2: ReFuelEU Aviation
The second factsheet in the series explains how sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) are defined in the aforementioned regulation. It also lists the obligations relating to SAFs for airlines, airports and fuel distributors arising from the regulation. In addition, it contains its own calculations in terms of how many SAFs are required in order to achieve the listed targets in future and explains the penalties for non-compliance to the requirements.

Factsheet 3: RED III
The third factsheet compares the targets for renewable fuels in the transport sector from the revised version of the directive (RED III) with those of its previous version (RED II). It looks in particular at how so-called RFNBOs (Renewable Fuels of Non-Biological Origin = Erneuerbare Kraftstoffe nicht biogenen Ursprungs) are defined and calculated in the revised version. The factsheet also provides a forecast about how the tougher targets contained in RED III might impact the market for renewable fuels over the coming years.

Download the factsheets

All factsheets can be downloaded free of charge at the following links as a PDF. A German translation of the factsheets is currently in progress.


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