The current NOW publication: “Funding electric mobility through anchoring it in municipal mobility strategies” from the accompanying research to the funding programme “Local electric mobility”, orients itself towards staff and decision-makers from municipal offices/departments who are responsible for strategic and planning tasks.

The publication examines different forms of the strategic incorporation of electric mobility in municipalities, identifies and describes numerous possible policy elements about motorised traffic, local public transport, bike traffic and intermodality and contains a comprehensive collection of goals and measures. The brochure provides municipalities with conceptual approaches that are easy to establish for strategy development.

The brochure [PDF]

The BMVI’s accompanying research to the programme brings together and evaluates the project results from the three funding areas: Vehicle procurement, electric mobility concepts and R&D projects. Most recently, “Electric mobility in German municipalities. An inventory.[03/2019] [PDF]” was published in the framework of the “Networked mobility” accompanying research.