The Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport (BMDV) today published the second call for funding under the funding guideline to support commercial vehicles with alternative, climate-friendly drive systems and associated refuelling and charging infrastructure (KsNI – Förderung von Nutz- und Sonderfahrzeugen mit klimaschonenden Antrieben und dazugehöriger Tank- und Ladeinfrastruktur). The second round of the successful funding programme is supplemented by an additional call for special vehicles and infrastructure.

Daniela Kluckert, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Digital and Transport: “After the first funding call with around 2,000 applications for climate-friendly commercial vehicles of all classes and drive technologies, we are continuing this success story with the second funding call and an additional call for special vehicles and associated infrastructure. With the funds made available, we are supporting the industry in taking responsibility for climate protection and reducing emissions in road freight transport.”

Following approval by the European Commission, an appealing funding programme will be available for battery, fuel cell and (overhead line) hybrid electric vehicles, the corresponding refuelling and charging infrastructure as well as feasibility studies.

In the second funding call and the additional call specifically for special vehicles, three elements are specifically funded in each instance:

  • Funding support for the purchase of new alternative, climate-friendly commercial vehicles of the EC vehicle classes N1, N2 and N3 as well as commercial vehicles of the EC vehicle classes N2 and N3 that have been converted to alternative drive systems, amounting to 80 percent of the additional investment expenditure compared to a conventional diesel vehicle.
  • Funding support for the refuelling and charging infrastructure required for the operation of climate-friendly commercial vehicles in the amount of 80 percent of the total project-related expenditure eligible for funding.
  • Funding support for the development of feasibility studies on the possible use of climate-friendly commercial vehicles and the construction or expansion of the corresponding infrastructure amounting to 50 percent of the eligible project-related expenditure.


By 2024, the BMDV will provide a total of approximately 1.6 billion euros to support the purchase of climate-friendly commercial vehicles and approximately 5 billion euros for the development of the refuelling and charging infrastructure (cars and trucks). In addition to other measures of the BMDV to foster the use of electric mobility, the new funding guideline will also be funded in this way.

Further details of the funding programme are set out in the guideline document as well as in the second call for funding and the special call for funding of 15.06.2022, which are available on the website of the Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG – Bundesamt für Güterverkehr) as well as on

Applications for both calls will be possible from 29.06.2022. In addition, it is also possible to apply for hydrogen tank infrastructure in these funding calls.

In order to resolve any open questions regarding the application process, an online seminar will be held by the BAG, BMDV and NOW on 27 June 2022 at 2 pm.