The project identified opportunities to develop pilot projects with local partners interested in exploring the use of hydrogen technologies as a replacement for diesel generators as well as improve the general awareness of green hydrogen solutions in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, more than 80% of operational energy capacity comes from off-grid diesel/gasoline generators, due to the ever-growing population and inadequate power generation and grid constraints. As a result, decentralized PV diesel power generation is widespread in most communities and therefore provide an opportunity to explore whether unused solar PV capacity could be used for on-site production and storage of green hydrogen and/or for export to other sectors or markets.

In addition, these diesel and petrol generators are expected to be replaced by cleaner energy sources in the long term due to rising operating costs and strong government interest in decarbonization.

The study focused on optimizing the design of solar PV systems and integrating a green hydrogen generation system into an existing solar mini-grid system. In principle, the excess electricity generated by a solar mini-grid is fed into an electrolyser, which produces hydrogen through a process known as electrolysis. The green hydrogen produced can be stored and used as additional fuel for electricity generation or exported for sale.

The mini-grid selected for the demonstration is located in Gbamu-gbamu in Ogun State in southwestern Nigeria. It is powered by a 53-kW diesel generator and an 85-kWp photovoltaic solar cell with a 288-kWh battery as storage.

Four case scenarios analyzed with the multi-vector simulator (MVS), key performance indicators and sensitivity analyses have validated the proposed technical design and economic assumptions for the integration of green hydrogen into the existing mini-grid.

The results of the techno-economic feasibility study were presented to local and German stakeholders interested in the green hydrogen economy in Nigeria at a digital information and networking event.