Updated overview from NOW on clean mobility in Germany

Mobility by means of alternative drives and fuels has gained considerable momentum in the second half of 2020. In particular, the figures for battery-electric mobility climbed sharply in 2020. Compared to the previous year, an increase of almost 207 percent was recorded for new vehicle registrations. The environmental bonus was also used to a large extent for the purchases: 361,622 applications were received by the end of November 2020. Kurt-Christoph von Knobelsdorff, Managing Director (Chair) of NOW GmbH: “Alongside the growing number of new registrations for electric cars, we are continuing to promote the expansion of charging infrastructure in the public and private sectors through the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure. The number of applications for private charging points is skyrocketing, and we have funded more than 30,000 public charging points to date via the corresponding funding guideline. The electric car has truly achieved a breakthrough, which is also demonstrated by the 39 new passenger car models that were launched on the market in 2020.”

The “Clean Mobility in Germany – Key Figures and Projects of NOW GmbH” (“Saubere Mobilität in Deutschland – Kennzahlen und Projekte der NOW GmbH”) overview from January 2021 also provides information on the expansion of alternative refuelling and charging infrastructure, and outlines the 205 electric mobility concepts that have been implemented in German municipalities to date. Further topics: The current research project for the safe storage of hydrogen at a depth of 1,000 metres; the funding in expansion and conversion projects of seagoing vessels for the use of LNG as a marine fuel; and an overview of the hydrogen strategy. Every six months, we compile the most important key figures and highlight outstanding projects in the field of mobility with alternative drives and fuels in our clear and concise statistics.

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