Hylane GmbH (hylane), a provider of climate-friendly mobility, officially launched today as a subsidiary of Cologne-based DEVK Versicherung. Hylane places environmental protection at the heart of its exclusively climate-friendly vehicle rental service. The company offers hydrogen trucks with different superstructures and installations. Vans and buses will follow at a later date. NOW provided advice and support to the start-up during its foundation phase.

Hydrogen trucks rented out via a “pay-per-use” model

Using a usage-based rental system (a so-called “pay-per-use” model), customers only pay for the kilometres actually driven. Hylane will offer a range of zero-emission vehicles, with a focus on fuel cell trucks. At the beginning, the company will offer vehicles from HYZON Motors, Hyundai, Daimler Truck in cooperation with Clean Logistics Technology, as well as MAN Truck & Bus as a conversion solution of the company Framo eTrucks with fuel cells from Robert Bosch GmbH.

Climate-friendly mobility as an ecosystem

Because hylane regards climate-friendly mobility as a holistic system, aspects such as energy production, an adequate refuelling and charging infrastructure, vehicle production chains, existing government funding support, proof of carbon emission reductions and the possible recycling of individual vehicle components were integrated into the concept from the outset. The goal of hylane is to provide its customers with economical, sustainable and flexible mobility management.

Enabling sustainable freight transport

Sara Schiffer, Managing Director of hylane, said at today’s press conference in Cologne: “We are conducting talks with renowned transport companies that are willing to join us in making the carriage of their goods climate-neutral. We have already concluded rental agreements for the first vehicles. The first customer is the global logistics service provider DB Schenker.” Bernd Zens, Member of the Board of DEVK Versicherungen, added: “As one of the largest motor insurers in Germany, we want to play our part in decarbonisation efforts, especially against the backdrop of the discussions currently taking place regarding the use of fossil fuels.”

Axel Blume, Head of NOW GmbH’s Commercial Vehicles with Alternative Drives Team, noted: “Alongside battery-powered and trolley-powered trucks, commercial vehicles running on hydrogen fuel cells have great potential to make road freight transport in Germany more sustainable and thus contribute to the achievement of climate targets. NOW is pleased to be supporting this start-up of DEVK.”

For photos and additional information (in German), please visit: www.hylane.de/presse

Image source: Hylane