At the 2nd Rail Platform Meeting today, 120 participants discuss advances, current challenges and successes in the introduction and development of alternative technologies in rail transport.

Berlin, 10.11.2022 – The Rail Platform Meeting addresses current developments in battery, hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in train transport and fosters exchange between representatives of transport and interest associations, manufacturers, research institutions, rail transport and infrastructure companies and politics.

Following a welcoming address by Prof. Dr. -Ing Klaus Bonhoff, Head of Department, ‘Policy Issues’ at the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport, presentations and podium discussions will tackle the issues of ‘Fundamentals and policy measures in rail transport’, ‘Infrastructure and energy supply’ as well as ‘Rail vehicles – technology and operation’.

In an accompanying exhibition, NOW GmbH is providing information about the funding programme: ‘Alternative drives in rail transport’, which it is supporting on behalf of the BMDV. Over 75 applications were submitted for two funding calls. The application potential of low-emission rail vehicles adds up to around 390 units. Further information can be found here:


Image source: Franz Josef