E-learning platform for municipal authority staff is launched

The National Centre for Charging Infrastructure today launched the LadeLernTOOL. The new E-learning platform will assist municipal employees in acquiring and expanding their knowledge about charging infrastructure, planning charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and advancing its installation locally. The tool is now immediately available at ladelerntool.de. It can be used free of charge following a short registration process.

The National Centre for Charging Infrastructure plans, supports and accompanies the activities for expanding charging infrastructure in Germany. It is commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) under the umbrella of the federally-owned NOW GmbH. Activities include support for implementing measures from the new charging infrastructure master plan of the federal government. One of the first measures developed by the Centre was the LadeLernTOOL, specifically oriented towards the administrative staff of federal states, municipalities and municipal companies.

At the launch of the LadeLernTOOL, Dr. Volker Wissing, Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport said: “The approximately 11,000 municipalities in Germany are key actors for future climate-friendly transport. That’s why we support them with new, digital and individually customised knowledge and information. With the LadeLernTOOL, municipal staff can use e-learning to rapidly advance the development of charging infrastructure in a targeted way all over Germany. The LadeLernTOOL can make a decisive contribution to priming our infrastructure for climate-friendly mobility together with our states and municipalities. A nationwide, demand-driven and user-friendly charging network is the basis for this.”

Kurt-Christoph von Knobelsdorff, CEO of NOW GmbH: “Through the LadeLernTOOL, the Centre is launching another digital solution that fosters the development of charging infrastructure in Germany. Under the slogan: ‘Charging simply, learning simply’, providing knowledge to municipal staff is the focus of the LadeLernTOOL. At the tool’s launch, two courses have been activated which provide the necessary basic knowledge about electric mobility and charging infrastructure. Each course comprises several learning modules, ends with a test and the receipt of a certificate. Additional courses and functions with content tailored to the specific municipality are already in development.”

Johannes Pallasch, Spokesperson for the Management Team of the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure: “The municipal employees are our partners on site for developing charging infrastructure. That’s why I’m so pleased about today’s launch of our LadeLernTOOL. The learning units will provide municipal staff with theoretical and practical knowledge that concretely supports them in their work. We are constantly further developing the contents and functions of the platform. Future courses will increasingly highlight issues such as legislative frameworks and scope for action or contracting models.”

The LadeLernTOOL will be presented at the 4th annual conference of the National Competency Network for Sustainable Mobility (NaKoMo) on 8th and 9th November in Berlin and can be experienced at the exhibition stand of the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure.