The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure is funding a study on the technical and economic prerequisites for using electricity-based fuels for fuel cells in inland navigation.

A core subject of the study will be the production, transport, storage and conversion chains for different electricity-based fuels such as methanol, road diesel, hydrogen, methane, and so on.

In cooperation with the relevant stakeholders – e.g. shipyards, suppliers, or shipping companies, and regional actors such as states and municipalities or port operators, action plans are to be developed. With the aid of analysis of climate strategies and identification of suitable market segments for ships with fuel cell drives, these action plans will support the market ramp-up of the technologies and the relevant infrastructure in inland navigation. The 2050 climate policy objectives of the federal government are to be taken into account here. In addition, the regulatory framework of the EU, the federation, states and municipalities must be factored in. The tender period ends on 28 June 2018 at 11am.

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