Berlin, 18 September 2019 – Zero emission mobility needs alternative drives and fuels that are available conveniently and at all times. StandortTOOL, the location tool for alternative fuel infrastructure (, now provides a planning tool which enables charging infrastructure throughout Germany to be planned up to 2030 and further expansion requirements to be calculated.

StandortTOOL will decisively improve needs-based development, as it creates a basis for investors and municipalities to make decisions about suitable locations. Furthermore the location tool plans the expansion needs for refuelling stations for H2, LNG & CNG. The location tool focusses on passenger vehicle traffic, but it can also cover the commercial vehicle sector and identify synergies between the different applications.

StandortTOOL comprises an analysis of the status quo, development over the coming years, as well as federal government objectives. Determining future requirements will be generated on the basis of traffic flows, socio-economic data as well as user and spatial structures. In this way the number of charging points needed for an existing motorway intersection for example, can be calculated in order to avoid longer queues. The results of these complex calculations will be featured clearly and concisely in the form of a map.