The Schweinfurt District Administration has expanded its vehicle fleet by four new electric cars. For these new purchases, the district of Schweinfurt received a total of almost 59,000 euros in funding within the scope of the local electric mobility funding guideline (Förderrichtlinie Elektromobilität vor Ort) from the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur). The implementation of this funding guideline is coordinated by NOW GmbH.

Besides a high level of driving comfort, an economic analysis has shown that, despite the relatively high purchase price, electric vehicles are more economical than comparable vehicles with combustion engines after only a few years, taking into account consumption, mileage and maintenance costs.

Over the last few years, the district of Schweinfurt has already successively been switching its official vehicle fleet to electric or hybrid vehicles. The fleet concept unanimously approved by the district council of Schweinfurt provides for a significant reduction in pollutant emissions from all company vehicles. The district’s goal is to achieve a fully electric passenger vehicle fleet by 2021.

From the former 1,224 g/km CO2 emissions in 2016, approx. 300 g/km are to be achieved in 2021. The district intends to continue to invest in low-emission technology and energy efficiency in the years to come, provided that the necessary technology, for example for heavy construction vehicles, is available on the market.

Something special in Bavaria: The district works yard also operates an electric vehicle

In addition to the four fully or partially electric vehicles already in service, four more pure electric vehicles have now been added. While the general fleet for service operations was expanded by three small cars, the district of Schweinfurt has ventured into new territory with a pure electric vehicle for the manager of the district works yard in Gerolzhofen, with a somewhat unique selling point. This is because of the fact that monitoring trips in the Schweinfurt district have now been electrified for road maintenance and construction site monitoring which is likely to be unique in Bavaria. This is at least the result of a spontaneous survey conducted by the local district works yard among all other Bavarian district works yards.

Within the scope of the district’s climate protection concept, special attention is being devoted to the area of environmentally friendly mobility in the district. Part of this is the support being provided for electric mobility. In the future, the district would like to improve the charging infrastructure together with the municipalities and the electric utilities and expand the network of charging stations. In recent years, and with funding support from the Free State of Bavaria, an extensive network of charging facilities has been set up, including almost all of the district’s own facilities.