Picea, the world’s first compact device for the independent, year-round supply of power from the solar systems of detached and multi-family houses, has been on sale since March 2018.

Picea’s multi-year development was supported by the National Innovation Programme Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology (NIP). Following successful field tests, deliveries will commence from the fourth quarter of 2018.

Picea is an all-in-one energy storage system. It unites energy storage, central heating support and ventilation in a single, compact product. With its own efficient energy management system, Picea completely covers the electrical energy requirements of a single-family home. In addition, the waste heat generated is made available to the house as heating energy, thus reducing heating costs. Picea can be combined with all heaters and technologies available on the market. Compared to batteries available on the market, Picea offers a hundred times more storage capacity and twice as much power. Picea is energy efficient and delivers energy at any time of the year. This enables Picea to be completely self-sufficient and truly independent of the grid.

Picea’s target markets are new homes and existing buildings. Picea can be installed in both smaller individual households and family households. Due to the great interest that already exists, a waiting list has been established, which, after qualification of the construction project and the schedule, provides customers priority in the delivery of the first Picea systems.