Berlin, 17.11.1022 – The Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) has presented its ‘Progress report on the overall concept of climate-friendly commercial vehicles – on the road to zero-emission road logistics with alternative drives”.

The progress report presents the current developments and activities of the BMDV as well as the next action priorities in implementing the ‘Overall concept for climate-friendly commercial vehicles”.

Market and technological developments in the field of emission-free commercial vehicles are accelerating: forecasted increases in sales of battery-electric and fuel cell-electric commercial vehicles require building demand-oriented infrastructure ahead of time. This dynamic development will be supported by regulatory framework conditions on European as well as on federal level. The progress report serves to highlight this multitude of developments.

Initial steps have been taken to implement the overall concept. Because of the developments that have been outlined, there is also a continued need for concrete action. That’s why the BMDV will in future:

  • Thoroughly pursue the integrated package of measures of vehicle subsidies, managing infrastructure development and the creation of a targeted regulatory framework.
  • Invite tenders for an initial charging network for battery-electric trucks in 2023 because of accelerated market development and the regulatory requirements.
  • Also pursue the development of a basic network of publicly accessible hydrogen infrastructure for commercial vehicles.
  • Continue to advance implementation together with relevant actors from the sector: for example in task forces or in technology testing projects.

Download progress report (PDF, in German)


The overall concept of climate-friendly commercial vehicles

In terms of kilometers covered, one third of heavy-duty road haulage is to be electric by 2030. The federal government set this as a goal in the Climate Protection Programme 2030. To this end, in November 2020 the BMDV published the ‘Overall concept for climate-friendly commercial vehicles – on the road to zero-emissions road logistics with alternative drives’. Measures to achieve the goals set out by the federal government are described in the overall concept. These include vehicle subsidies, managing infrastructure development and creating a targeted regulatory framework. For the transformation to alternative drives in heavy-duty road haulage to succeed, concerted and goal-oriented action from all players is required.

Download Overall concept (PDF, in German)