In a new website section at: (climate-friendly commercial vehicles), NOW presents companies that have already taken initial steps in converting their commercial vehicle fleets to climate-friendly drives.

Pioneers gather important initial experiences with new technologies, reduce uncertainty for other interested parties and send a message to vehicle manufacturers and policy-makers. In the research sector, they are known as ‘innovators’ and ‘early adopters, and they are decisive in establishing acceptance and implementing innovations.

Many companies in Germany are already striving to make their fleets more environmentally friendly and make their contribution to climate protection. At, these pioneers outline their motivation, goals as well as the practical insights they have gained from converting commercial vehicle fleets to emission-free drives. It can be learned on the one hand, what everyday challenges the companies face with electric and fuel cell drives, but also on the other, the positive experiences they have had.

The pioneers will provide direction to other companies who are still uncertain about converting to climate-friendly drives. They are represent the transport industry’s overall high level of commitment to achieving the climate protection goals in the transport sector.

On the website operated by NOW GmbH, you can find the latest information on the KsNI funding programme and on the implementation of the overall concept of climate-friendly commercial vehicles, an overview of available vehicle models with climate-friendly drives as well as practical expertise on converting commercial vehicle fleets. Is your company already a pioneer in fleet electrification? Then contact us at and share your experiences with other users!