What are biofuels and what role do they play in reducing emissions from transport? NOW’s biofuels factsheet provides a concentrated overview of figures and definitions, and provides an introduction to the most important aspects of the topic of biofuels.

The introduction of alternative fuels is a necessary prerequisite for achieving climate protection goals – especially in air and sea transport, but also in other areas, such as long-distance road freight transport. Biofuels constitute a category of their own: They involve liquid and gaseous fuels for transport that are produced from biomass. Depending on the area of application, conventional or advanced biofuels can be used to reduce greenhouse gases in the corresponding subsectors of transport.

The NOW “Biofuels” factsheet (currently in German only) provides an overview of the most important biofuels, the biomass feedstocks used to produce them and the potential applications in the transport sector.

Download Factsheet (PDF, in German)