Electric mobility with batteries and fuel cells is regarded as essential to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector. At the same time, globally the number of vehicles will substantially rise – according to prognoses, the worldwide stock of cars alone will double by 2050 to over two billion cars. Demand for battery storage will therefore rise and thus demand for specific raw materials as well.

Various studies calculate scenarios for the relevant raw materials demand. To achieve the goal of sustainable electric mobility, new methods and procedures in the manufacture and recycling of technologies must be funded, in addition to improving the environmental and social impacts in the mining of raw materials.

The latest factsheet from NOW GmbH provides information about global battery demand and the associated raw materials required, lists the most important raw materials and the global reserves and resources, provides an update on the main producing and refinery countries and outlines the effect of raw material mining on the eco- and social system.

Download factsheet “Electric mobility & recycling” [PDF, in German]