Berlin/Stuttgart, 26 March 2019 – In time for the 6th “Elektromobilität vor Ort” conference on local electric mobility on 26th and 27th March 2019 in Stuttgart, NOW GmbH presents its 2018 annual report. It is an anniversary year – for ten years as a federally-owned company, NOW GmbH has supported the introduction of cleaner, more sustainable mobility and energy provision at the interface of politics, industry and science.

At its core: national strategies and public-private programmes in the technological field of sustainable drives. These include in particular, electric mobility with fuel cells and batteries, but also natural gas and electricity-based fuels as well as the introduction and the market ramp-up of fuel cell technology in the stationary area.

The annual report bundles together information on all completed and approved funding projects and initiatives from NOW coordinated programmes in the reporting year period. Aside from the National Innovation Programme for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NIP) and the Electric Mobility funding programme, since 2017 these include two more: the Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles Funding Guideline and the implementation of the Mobility and Fuels Strategy (MFS) of the federal government, including the funding programme for the use of LNG as a marine fuel.

Further themes are the development of international collaborations, the work of NOW GmbH at the interface of politics, industry and science as well as the numerous public relations measures, in order to improve the general awareness of climate-protecting technologies and their perspectives.

The NOW annual report is available for download here – we are happy to send you the print version upon request.