In January 2024, NOW GmbH published three English-language factsheets relating to the EU legislation “FuelEU Maritime”, “ReFuelEU Aviation” and “Renewable Energy Directive III (RED III)”. All three factsheets are now also available in German language versions.

In 2023, the European Union (EU) adopted new legislation on renewable fuels. The implementation phase of the regulations in the member states will now begin in 2024. Back in January 2024, NOW GmbH presented three of the latest pieces of legislation in detail in a new, English-language factsheet series. All three factsheets in the series have now been translated into German.

Focus on the shipping, aviation and transport sectors

The series takes a detailed look at the regulation on the use of renewable and low-carbon fuels in maritime transport (“FuelEU Maritime”), the regulation to ensure a level playing field for sustainable aviation (“ReFuelEU Aviation”) and the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive (“Renewable Energy Directive (RED) III”). It provides an initial overview of the possible consequences of the legislation and highlights the role that renewable fuels could play in combating climate change.

All factsheets can be downloaded free of charge as PDF files.

English versions of the factsheets are available here. German versions:


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