The application phase has now begun for the second call for proposals which supplements the guideline on grants for equipping and retrofitting seagoing vessels to use LNG as a marine fuel (Richtlinie über Zuwendungen für die Aus- und Umrüstung von Seeschiffen zur Nutzung von verflüssigtem Erdgas (LNG) als Schiffskraftstoff).

Applications may be submitted until and including 18/12/19 to the Federal Agency for Administrative Services (BAV).

The funding guidelines published by the BMVI and the respective funding calls advance the use of LNG as a fuel in German maritime transport and represent a concrete implementation of the federal government’s Mobility and Fuels Strategy (MFS). Developing this implementation further will ensure that market readiness of alternative drives and fuels is achieved as quickly as possible.

Using LNG as a maritime fuel contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases and air pollutant emissions. In contrast to conventional, oil-based shipping fuels, LNG generates zero sulphur oxide emissions. Compared to conventional fuels, nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced by up to 90 per cent and particle emissions by approximately 98 per cent. LNG is an environmentally-friendly alternative fuel with considerable benefits for climate, environmental and health protection.

Funding guideline and second funding call:

Further information on application submission, accompanying forms to the application as well as a document checklist can be found on the Federal Agency for Administrative Services homepage:


Contact persons:

Dr. Christopher Stanik
Project Manager Gas-Fuelled Ships and Programme Manager Mobility and Fuel Strategy
+49 (0)30 / 311 611 613

Antje Roß
Programme Manager Gas-Fuelled Ships
+49 (0)30 / 311 611 657