Private investors, cities and municipalities have submitted their funding applications for the construction of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. A total of 1,148 applications were received. Approximately 5,000 fast charging points and 5,000 normal charging points were applied for. This corresponds to a total funding volume of 118 million euros.

In the current funding call, the need for new fast and normal loading points is being deliberately in a special way. For the first time, the location tool for alternative infrastructures is being deployed, which analyses the corresponding location and infrastructure, as well as structural, vehicle and mobility data for the next expansion phase. This ensures that the expansion of the charging infrastructure continues to be comprehensive, customer-oriented, future-oriented and, at the same time, demand-oriented. From the previous calls for proposals under the charging infrastructure programme for electric vehicles, it has so far been possible to approve the construction of 15,000 charging points.

Detailed information on the selection procedure and other funding requirements can be found here [PDF, in German].