The 2020 innovator award by the DIN, the German Institute for Standardization, is awarded to the consortium for DIN SPEC 91433. Every year DIN honours special projects and engagement in the area of standardisations and norms with these prizes.

DIN SPEC 91433 accelerates the installation of charging points

DIN SPEC 91433 – “Guidelines for search space and site identification as well as recommendations for reporting and approval procedures in charging infrastructure planning” is intended to accelerate the expansion of publicly-accessible charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. It offers comprehensible structuring of the process for planning and constructing charging infrastructure. It helps municipal actors for example, to overcome barriers to entry and anxieties. It also suggests interfaces between the players involved in order to make communication more efficient. In this way it supports the federal government in its goal of registering 7 to 10.5 million electric vehicles nationwide by 2030.

Jury praises contribution to transport turnaround

The jury above all praised the practical relevance of the submission as well as its timeliness. It emphasized that the transport turnaround would only be successful if potential e-vehicle users have easy access to charging capacities. The DIN SPEC topic is therefore of significant environmental and social relevance and its work is also exemplary in terms of the consortium concerned.

Guide was developed by experts in the field

The guide was developed by a consortium of stakeholders from all sectors: the Reiner Lemoine Institute, which led the consortium, the Berlin Senate Administration for Environment, Transport and Climate Protection, the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure at NOW GmbH, the Berlin Agency for Electromobility (eMO), the Association of German Municipal Enterprises (VKU), Energie Codes & Services GmbH, the citizens’ energy cooperative Inselwerke, inno2grid GmbH, Cleopa GmbH as well as the RLI start-up localizer. The project received funding from the BMWi funding project EmoStar²K.

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