The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure's successful funding scheme to support the installation of private charging stations for electric cars at residential buildings will be expanded by a further 300 million euros and extended once more.

This move was agreed upon by Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer and Federal Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz. The funding programme was briefly halted due to the exhaustion of funding. In the next few days, the application portal at the project management agency KfW will be reopened. A total of 800 million euros in federal funding is now available for the programme. The purchase and installation of the so-called wallboxes has been supported with a contribution of 900 euros each, starting on 24 November 2020.

Federal Transport MinisterScheuer: “Our funding support programme for private wallboxes is an absolute success: we have already received applications for around 620,000 charging points and have completely exhausted our 500 million euro budget. I am delighted that Olaf Scholz is providing us with a further 300 million euros so that we can continue our wallbox programme shortly. Charging must be possible everywhere and at all times. A nationwide and user-friendly charging infrastructure is a prerequisite for more people to switch to climate-friendly electric cars.”

Johannes Pallasch, spokesperson for the management team of the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure: “The continuation of this programme is setting a strong signal. This funding support for private charging stations is a bridge towards electric mobility. For example, the results of a KfW customer survey show that 45% of applicants do not yet own an electric car, but 93% of them plan to purchase one within the next three years. The programme is therefore also easing the burden on the public charging infrastructure in the current ramp-up period.”


Current implementation status

Around 510,000 applications for some 620,000 charging points have been submitted until 1 July 2021


Who is eligible to submit applications?

Those responsible for investment measures (e.g. private individuals, homeowners’ associations, housing companies, housing cooperatives and property developers) to set up a charging station for electric cars in the non-publicly accessible area of owner-occupied or rented residential buildings.


What is funded?

Funding is available for the purchase and construction of a brand-new, non-publicly accessible charging station, including the electrical connection (grid connection) and associated necessary ancillary work (for a definition of the total costs, see “How is funding provided?”, below) at parking spaces of existing residential buildings in Germany, if, among other things:

  • The charging station has a normal charging capacity of 11 kW
  • 100 percent of the electricity comes from renewable energy sources
  • The charging station is intelligent and controllable (in terms of grid compatibility)


How is funding provided?

Funding is provided in the form of an investment grant that is transferred to your bank account after completion of your project. The grant amounts to a flat rate of 900 euros per charging point. If the total costs of the project fall below the grant amount, no funding will be provided. The grant can be applied for from KfW via the grant portal and must be applied for before the project begins. When determining the total costs, expenses for the following services can be taken into account:

  • Charging station
  • Energy management system/charging management system for controlling charging stations
  • Electrical connection (grid connection)
  • Necessary electrical installation work (e.g. earthworks)


Further information:

KfW product page for the funding programme “Charging stations for electric cars – residential buildings” (in German)

List of eligible wallboxes (in German)