Twelve companies from all over Germany received funding notifications for the purchase of climate-friendly commercial vehicles in Berlin today. They are representative of more than 450 applications submitted under the Guideline for the Promotion of Alternative, Climate-friendly Commercial Vehicles and Infrastructure (KsNI – Richtlinie über die Förderung von alternativen, klimaschonenden Nutzfahrzeugen und Infrastruktur). A total of 320 projects with an overall funding volume of around 200 million euros were approved.

Federal Minister Dr. Volker Wissing: “With our funding, we support companies in assuming responsibility for climate protection and reducing emissions in road freight transport. The number of applications is proof of the industry’s great interest in converting their fleets to clean engines. I am delighted that we are now able to continue this success story with the second call for funding and an additional funding call for special vehicles and infrastructure. Both will be published later this month.”

The projects submitted include around 2,000 battery, fuel cell and hybrid electric commercial vehicles. In addition, the associated operational charging infrastructure was applied for 153 times and around 30 applications were concerned with feasibility studies.

The Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (Bundesministerium für Digital and Transport) will make a total of approximately 1.6 billion euros available until 2024 to support the purchase of climate-friendly commercial vehicles. In addition, approximately 7 billion euros will be available by 2025 for the construction (or expansion) of refuelling and charging infrastructure for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

The KsNI funding programme is coordinated by NOW GmbH, and applications are approved by the Federal Office for Goods Transport (Bundesamt für Güterverkehr). The second funding call for commercial vehicles and associated operational refuelling and charging infrastructure and an additional special call for special vehicles and infrastructure will be published on 15 June 2022. Applications will be open from 29 June 2022.

Photo: Sebastian Wöhl/BMDV