Lechwerke (LEW) is the largest operator of public charging infrastructure in the Bavarian-Swabia region with currently around 150 charging points for electric vehicles. In 2017, the Lechwerke developed a spatial concept for the region that is intended to once more significantly increase charging possibilities, especially in the area of direct current fast-charging technology. For this concept, the federal charging infrastructure for electric vehicles programme issued an approval for the construction of a total of 96 AC standard charging points and 38 DC fast-charging points.

With the additional charging stations, which are being supported through the federal charging infrastructure programme, Lechwerke is giving electric mobility in the region a further boost – above all with the fast-charging stations on motorways and arterial roads. Depending on the model, electric vehicles can be fully charged again in less than half an hour. Time to take a break, drink coffee or stretch your legs.

Refilling electricity at the charging stations of the Lechwerke can be undertaken either via a contract-based option, or done spontaneously. Payment is then made via the “innogy eCharge App” via credit card or Paypal. The planned charging points will be integrated into Hubject’s roaming network, which is Germany’s largest. At all public LEW charging stations, electric cars are charged with green electricity from renewable energy. The expansion of the charging network is a further building block towards an energy transition in the transport sector and secures the Bavarian-Swabia region a pioneering role in the field of electric mobility.