EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG is now building a dense network of DC fast-charging infrastructure for electric vehicles at Autobahn Tank und Rast GmbH (ATR GmbH) locations.

In this context the EnBW AG has applied and received approval for 5 million euros in funding for 80 locations under the first call of the BMVI’s funding guideline: “Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles”.

With this project the EnBW AG is expanding its existing DC fast-charging network in Baden-Württemberg beyond the state’s boundaries. The company is first focussing on ATR GmBH sites along federal motorways in order to make a comprehensive network of DC fast-charging infrastructure available as quickly as possible and electrified long-distance mobility as convenient as possible.

50 kW triple changers will be built at all subsidised locations, equipped with a type 2 plug for AC charging, as well as both a CCS and a CHAdeMO plug for DC charging. Through an appropriately dimensioned grid connection, as well as the fitting of a 630 kVA transformer in the installation of the charging infrastructure, it is already today being guaranteed that higher loading capacities of up to 350 kW will also be possible via modular expansion at several charging points in future.

Several methods to authenticate, authorise and bill can be used at all DC fast-charging columns of EnBW AG. Aside from using the “EnBW mobility+” card, there is also the option of using the charging column through “intercharge direct” and through contactless credit cards as required.

Currently charging columns have been erected and are operating at 80 per cent of proposed locations. By the end of August 2018 at the latest, all funded charging columns will be installed and in operation.