Project start for the innovation project “Go4City” (G4C). ELO Mobility and the Fraunhofer Institute for Transport and Infrastructure Systems IVI are jointly developing a new generation of revolutionary city buses with hydrogen drive technology.

The use of hydrogen enables emission-free mobility and is considered to be an essential element for the attainmentof climate goals of the German federal governmentas central element of the energy transition towards clean energy.

The Berlin start-up ELO Mobility has specialized in the development of high-performance city buses with innovative, electric drives based on intelligent energy management systems. These new types of Go4City buses will consume significantly less hydrogen, so that the optimization potential in terms of range and operating costs will besignificantly improved compared to currently available vehicle technologies. Germany is positioning itself in the international race for hydrogen technologies in the commercial vehicle sector and is supporting the comprehensive switch to hydrogen in the context of a climate-friendly transport infrastructure.

The Go4City project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. The official project sponsor is Forschungszentrum Jülich. The program is coordinated by the National Organization of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology NOW GmbH, that has accompanied and supported the project from the initial phase.

ELO Mobility expects to gain significant knowledge and to collect valuable data, by the Company’s module-based construction approach and the use of sensors and actuators in the planned two bus types (the 12-meter and 18-meter articulated bus version) to optimize both single vehicles and fleet operations. A notable innovation of the Go4City project is the use of exchangeable and also reprocessable fuel cells, which is accompanied by a significant cost reduction. This aspect iscrucial for the technology acceptance of the market. The renown Go4City project partner company HyMove B.V. from the Netherland has been operating buses with innovative and reliable fuel cells successfully indaily service for over five years and will ensure optimal project results with the aim to develop further products based on the experience and the scientific knowledge of this project.