The environmental and recycling service provider ALBA is converting its commercial vehicle fleet to electric drive.

The environmental and recycling service provider ALBA today took delivery of its first Volvo electric waste collection vehicles in Berlin. These were funded within the framework of the funding programme to support commercial vehicles with alternative, climate-friendly drives and the associated refuelling and charging infrastructure (KsNI – Förderung von Nutzfahrzeugen mit alternativen, klimaschonenden Antrieben und dazugehöriger Tank- und Ladeinfrastruktur), with a total of around 1.1 million euros from the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport. The two companies reaffirmed their climate protection cooperation in the presence of the Senator for the Environment and Transport, Manja Schreiner.

E-truck eliminates 55 tonnes of CO2 per year for ALBA – and a lot of noise

The electric trucks belong to the “Volvo FE Electric” model series. Both the waste compactor (rear loader) and the roll-off tipper boast up to 450 hp and are powered by four battery packs. With a range of up to 150 kilometres (roll-off tipper) and approximately 120 kilometres (refuse compactor) respectively, the 27-tonne vehicles are particularly suitable for urban transport operations. Charging at the fast charging station can be completed as quickly as two hours, or a maximum of ten hours with normal charging power.

The rear loader, for example, is expected to operate about 35,000 kilometres per year. By using green electricity, ALBA will save around 55,000 kilogrammes of carbon dioxide per vehicle, which would otherwise be emitted by a conventional diesel drive. ALBA is consequently a pioneer in Germany in the acquisition of e-trucks and CO2 savings in the waste disposal industry.

An additional benefit: The electric truck from Volvo produces hardly any driving noise. While this is pleasant on the ears, it requires increased attention, especially from pedestrians and cyclists. To ensure that electric cars are not overheard, the EU has already stipulated that a standardised sound should be produced up to a speed of 30 km/h. The Volvo FE Electric, like almost all ALBA vehicles, is equipped with advanced visual and audible turn assistants as well as distance warning and emergency braking assistants for further road safety.

Dr. Robert Arbter, Chairman of the Board of ALBA: “With our new electric trucks we have been taking a big step towards climate-neutral waste disposal since the beginning of the year. As an environmental service provider, we see it as our duty to make a contribution to emission reduction and noise protection in Berlin and all our other German locations. The first 37 electric trucks are a good start to converting our fleet step by step. ALBA was the first company in Berlin to sign a climate and environmental protection agreement with the state back in December 2020: We stand by our word.”

Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks: “Volvo Trucks was an early adopter of electric mobility. We are the only global heavy truck manufacturer that already produces a wide range of truck models with electric drive technology. Waste management companies with clear climate targets are key to rapidly decarbonising heavy road transport in urban areas. This reduces emissions and noise – two important factors for a more pleasant life in the city and for protecting the environment. We are very pleased that ALBA is sending a strong signal with its commitment and is joining us on the path towards zero emissions.”

Manja Schreiner, Senator for Mobility, Transport, Climate Protection and the Environment of the State of Berlin: “Our goal is for Berlin to be climate neutral by 2045 at the latest. By 2030, we intend to collectively reduce CO2 emissions by 70 percent. To achieve this, the people of Berlin, the administration and industry must make a joint effort. ALBA is setting a good example – not only in waste separation and recycling: electric mobility in the commercial vehicle sector is a decisive factor on the way to climate neutrality. To ensure that the electricity for this is also renewable, the state of Berlin will tap available potential as best it can and build up corresponding infrastructures for storage solutions.”

Daniela Kluckert, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport: “I am delighted with the successful use of our funding, which is helping to bring climate-friendly waste disposal vehicles onto the streets of the German capital. In their daily use, the new vehicles make a decisive contribution to promoting sustainable and innovative mobility. It shows: electric mobility also works wonderfully on a large scale and with heavy commercial vehicles.”

ALBA already strengthens fleet with 37 new electric trucks from Volvo Trucks in 2023

In an initial call for funding, ALBA was awarded a total of twelve vehicles by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport, which ALBA will distribute among its sites throughout Germany. Already at the beginning of the year, the first fully electric waste compactor truck, a Volvo FE Electric, arrived at ALBA in Braunschweig and has been running flawlessly in daily operation ever since. Subsequently, the roll-out continued: ALBA sites in Saxony, Berlin, Alba South, Alba North and Brandenburg also recently enjoyed the introduction of the electric trucks.

In a second funding call, another 25 vehicles have already been approved. In addition to the Volvo FE Electric, these include six Volvo FM Electric for the first time. At Volvo Trucks, these belong to the very heavy class up to 44 tonnes gross weight. The large vehicles will be used as roll-off tippers and waste collection vehicles with compactor superstructures in a 6×2 combination.

Another 150 electric trucks in planning

The cooperation between ALBA and Volvo Trucks foresees that another 150 electric Volvo trucks could be ordered over the next three years. The two companies emphasised at their meeting in Berlin, however, that important building blocks for more climate protection would be a more predictable continuation of funding schemes and faster approval processes.

ALBA’s e-trucks are being supported by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport with a total of around 1.1 million euros in the first funding call as part of the funding guideline to support commercial vehicles with alternative, climate-friendly drives and the associated refuelling and charging infrastructure (KsNI – Förderung von Nutzfahrzeugen mit alternativen, klimaschonenden Antrieben und dazugehöriger Tank- und Ladeinfrastruktur). The funding guidelines are coordinated by NOW GmbH, and applications are approved by the Federal Office for Goods Transport (Bundesamt für Güterverkehr).

Photos and further information on ALBA can be found here.

Photo: ALBA