Formulating electric mobility concepts is an important instrument on the municipal level for both starting off and exploring the topic of electric mobility more deeply. This was the conclusion of a new survey of municipalities which have already prepared such a concept.

The survey was conducted by ISME GmbH – Institut Stadt | Mobilität | Energie within the ‘Networked mobility’ accompanying research for the BMVI funding programme ‘Local electric mobility’ (Elektromobilität vor Ort). It was coordinated by NOW GmbH.

The focus of the current survey is oriented towards three areas of activity in order to find out how electric mobility can be stepped up on the municipal level using the subsidized concepts and which influencing factors can be identified for this ramp up.

The areas of activity:

  • Electrification of the municipal administration’s fleet as well as that of municipal companies,
  • Municipal support for electrification of commercial fleets and
  • Development of charging infrastructure.

The survey will provide an initial overview of the concepts that have been already processed or completed in the funding programme. An evaluative comparison of the concepts was not the goal.

The preparation of electric mobility concepts will be financially supported under the ‘Local electric mobility’ programme. Another funding call is expected shortly. The latest funding call information is available through the Infoservice of NOW GmbH.

Download survey results [PDF]