Online guide compiles application-specific recommendations for the electrification of vehicle fleets.

Fleets are a key lever for the continued market ramp-up of battery-electric vehicles (BEVs). But how can the conversion of your own fleet succeed? The digital eFleet Guide ( shows how high electrification rates can be reached in fleets and total cost reductions achieved at the same time.

The online guide identifies the key measures to electrify and diversify fleets and helps customize relevant information to local needs. Users begin by entering key data on fleet size and use, type of vehicle and organization as well as charging location. On this basis, they receive a list of the measures needed, which is provided for download in addition to the web application in the form of a customizable document.

Eight work packages (Inventory analysis, Electrification, Diversification & Downsizing, Charging Infrastructure, Grid & Renewable Energies, Procurement, Evaluation as well as Integration & Fleet Management) are issued, which are adapted to the respective application in the company or local authority. This is supplemented by practical examples and a range of further information.

The action guide was developed as part of the ‘Framework conditions and market’ thematic field of the programmatic accompanying research on electric mobility from the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV).