On 1 December, the 3rd HyLand specialist workshop on hydrogen mobility took place in a festive pre-Christmas atmosphere in Stuttgart. The hybrid event with a total of 54 participants offered a varied mix of expert lectures, project presentations as well as a tour of the hydrogen filling station and the hydrogen-capable workshop at Stuttgarter Straßenbahn AG.

Michael Bächler, from the HyPerformer project H2Rivers, welcomed the participants and reported in his subsequent presentation on the current status and experiences from the H2Rivers project, which aims to develop the Rhine-Main-Neckar region into a model hydrogen region. Michael Graß (NOW GmbH) followed with an update from the National Innovation Programme Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NIP) and the HyLand network. The morning concluded with presentations by Dr. Frank Koch (EE ENERGY ENGINEERS GmbH), who gave a comprehensive overview of the use of H2 in mobility, and Matthias Stephan (PricewaterhouseCoopers), who addressed the legal and economic aspects of the GHG quota in his presentation. David Aumüller (H2 MOBILITY) then opened the afternoon session with a presentation on the development, construction and operation of hydrogen refuelling stations. Before the tour began, Markus Wiedemann reported on the experiences of SSB AG in the use of hydrogen and the operation of the in-house H2 filling station. Finally, Anne Schüssler of the district of Düren shed light on the administrative experiences made by the district in the procurement of hydrogen-based vehicles. The event was moderated by Dr. Thomas Kattenstein (EE ENERGY ENGINEERS GmbH).

At the conclusion of the event, those present visited the hydrogen filling station and hydrogen-capable workshop at Stuttgarter Straßenbahn AG. SSB AG has been using hydrogen as a drive technology since 2003 and has built up extensive expertise during this time. The two informative presentations on the technology and configuration of the system by Sebastian Bäumges (Schwelm Anlagentechnik) and the insight into the hydrogen-capable workshop by Steffen Raff (SSB AG) provided a stimulating conclusion for the participants. The trip to the depot was made with a fuel cell bus operated by SSB AG.

All presentations of the specialist workshop can be downloaded here.