We invite you to a joint NOW/CEP event on April 21, 2021.

In a global technology pitch, we will present the latest technical developments of the following refuelling technologies for long haul-applications (especially for tank system sizes up to 100 kg):

  • liquid hydrogen refuelling (sLH2/LH2)
  • CRYOGAS / cryo-compressed hydrogen gas refuelling (CcH2)
  • gaseous hydrogen high flow refuelling (35 MPa, 50 MPa and 70 MPa).

In addition, we will present our ideas on how to standardize these refuelling methods in a white paper process.

Download agenda (PDF)

Please note: According to your time zone you can choose between two different time slots: 6:00-10:00 UTC and 14:00-18:00 UTC. The content of the workshops is identical.


About NOW

The National Organization Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NOW GmbH) is a research-funding program company that coordinates funding programs in the field of sustainable mobility for the German Federal Ministry of Transport and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment. NOW coordinates and manages the Federal Government’s National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Program (NIP) and the BMVI’s Electromobility and Charging Infrastructure (LIS) funding guidelines.

About CEP

The Clean Energy Partnership (CEP) partners/members work as an industry alliance to further establish green, hydrogen- and fuel cell-powered mobility on the market. With a focus on supply security and environmental compatibility.
Here, technology, petroleum and energy/utility companies, gas producers, and car manufacturers collaborate across industries and sectors. Together, we set standards across all modes of transport. Innovatively and with a view to the future. We are natives of the mobility sector, but consider all adjacent sectors. We see the big picture. Our solution for a successful energy and transport transformation? Hydrogen, naturally!


Veranstaltung CEP+NOW heavy duty event 21.04.21
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