The Stadtwerke Ettlingen (SWE) public utilities company is striving to expand e-mobility in the region: a new charging station was inaugurated at the local administration offices in Schluttenbach/Baden-Württemberg and the launch signal has been given for the regional e-carsharing programme of the public utilities company.

An electric car will also be stationed at the charging point, which can be rented by all interested parties at short notice via carsharing. In the coming months, SWE plans to establish a carsharing fleet comprising a total of 20 electric cars at several locations in the region.

The entire Stadtwerke Ettlingen project will be supported with funding totalling more than 140,000 euros from the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure within the scope of the “local electric mobility” funding guideline (“Elektromobilität vor Ort”). The required investments are considerable: each charging station, including the complete necessary infrastructure, costs around 13,000 euros, and the new small electric car is priced at around 23,000 euros.

By the middle of next year, all vehicles for the carsharing fleet are to have been acquired in the other city districts and in some regional municipalities, and the 20 charging stations with 40 charging points are to have been installed. One charging point at each station is always reserved for the carsharing vehicle, the other can be used by any electric vehicle requiring recharging.