BMDV’s 2022 funding programme successfully completed

The Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) has approved funding for around 255,000 new charging points for companies and municipalities over the past year.  A total of 229 million euros in funding have been allocated for this purpose. That is the result of the BMDV funding guideline: ‘Non-publicly accessible charging stations for electric vehicles – companies and municipalities’.

Dr. Volker Wissing, Federal Minister for Digital and Transport: “It has to be possible to simply and quickly recharge an e-car – whether privately, outside your front door, on public streets, at your place of employment or at depots for large fleets. Through our funding programmes, we are generating targeted incentives in order to advance nationwide, demand-driven and user-friendly expansion of charging infrastructure. An efficient and widely available network of charging points is a key prerequisite for electric mobility in daily life. A quarter of a million new charging points at company car parks and municipal administration carparks are a resounding success. We are creating an attractive service for company and municipal employees who can recharge their fleets there. The charging stations are also an important addition to private wallboxes and public charging points.”

Johannes Pallasch, Spokesperson of the Management Team for the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure: “Wholly in line with the motto: ‘parking equals charging’, the charging of employee and company vehicles at places of employment and municipal fleets at the depot plays an important role in the overall strategy for charging infrastructure in Germany. Following on from the huge success of the funding programme for charging stations for residential buildings, we have built upon this with this funding programme for employee and fleet vehicles.”

The funding supports companies and municipalities in the installation of charging points in carparks for employee vehicles as well as for their own fleets and service vehicles. The funding guideline: ‘Non-publicly accessible charging stations for electric vehicles – companies and municipalities’ is the basis for the funding, for which funding applications were accepted until the end of 2022. Following approval, applicants had up to 18 months’ time to build the charging points. So far, 80,000 charging points have already been connected to the grid. The purchase and installation of non-publicly accessible charging stations of up to 22 kW charging capacity are eligible for funding, including grid connection.

The majority of subsidised charging points are installed at companies. 62 per cent of companies have stated that they have also purchased at least one e-vehicle because of the funding.

Under the BMDV’s funding guideline for charging stations at residential buildings, around 700,000 non-publicly accessible charging points were funded with more than 600 million euros by the end of the implementation period in October 2022. The BMDV will continue to fund the expansion of the charging infrastructure in the future and is also already working on a new funding concept to this end.

In terms of expanding publicly accessible charging infrastructure, rapid progress is being made. On 1 January 2023, the number of charging points compared to the previous year has increased by 35 per cent to 80,541, including 13,253 fast charging points.