A fuel cell backup power supply planning guide for uninterruptible power supply and emergency backup power systems has been published by Clean Power Net (CPN) in cooperation with NOW GmbH.

The guide is aimed at experts with experience in the planning, installation and operation of conventional backup power supply systems who are also interested in fuel cell solutions. It is intended as a practical tool to facilitate the entry into the technology as well as for the planning and approval processes for the construction and operation of fuel cell systems. It addresses the special features of different fuel cell types and solutions in a concise form. Grid-connected systems are included, as well as uninterruptible power supply and emergency backup systems as well as grid-autonomous systems (stand-alone systems).

Download Guide (PDF, in German)
Download Guide incl. legal framework (PDF, in German)

Current information on the promotion of fuel cell systems can be found on this website.

Suppliers of fuel cell solutions can be found with their performance profiles and contact persons on the Clean Power Net (CPN) website: www.cleanpowernet.de.