Berlin, 03 June , 2020 - Emission-free mobility relies on alternative drives and fuels that are conveniently available anytime and anywhere. With the “StandortTOOL location tool for alternative fuel infrastructure” ( – “StandortTOOL für Infrastrukturen alternativer Kraftstoffe”), NOW GmbH has developed a planning tool that can be used to plan this infrastructure throughout Germany until 2030 and to calculate the further expansion requirements. Now, in addition to data on charging infrastructure for battery vehicles, it is also possible to plan the expansion of the hydrogen (H2) filling station network in line with demand.

Possible locations of hydrogen filling stations are shown in the StandortTOOL as potential supply areas. The basis for this are conventional filling stations that can be expanded as well as the already existing H2 filling station network, currently comprising 84 locations. The StandortTOOL identifies areas for hydrogen filling stations for passenger cars and trucks in such a way that they can be reached by as many customers as possible or that they can enable as many shipments of goods as possible.

Kurt-Christoph von Knobelsdorff, Managing Director of NOW GmbH: “Within the AFID directive, the EU demands that all member states be adequately equipped with infrastructure for the alternative fuels electricity, hydrogen and natural gas. With our StandortTOOL location tool, we are already supporting the planning for charging infrastructure. By including hydrogen as an alternative fuel, we are now further enhancing this unique planning tool. Germany thus remains a pioneer in the implementation of the AFID directive in Europe.”