The National Competence Network for Sustainable Mobility (Nationale Kompetenznetzwerk für nachhaltige Mobilität (NaKoMo)) regularly hosts workshops on the latest mobility themes.

Here representatives of municipalities, states and the federal government, experts and stakeholders exchange ideas, discuss challenges and gather suggestions for solutions. The most recent topics on the agenda were “Urban commercial transport”, “Digital logistic solutions in municipalities” and “Getting around, parking, driving/riding in the public space of the future”. We will briefly summarise the most important findings of each topic. It will be continued.

“Urban commercial transport” (NaKoMo workshop, August 2020)

“Digital logistic solutions in municipalities” (NaKoMo workshop, December 2020)

“Getting around, parking, driving in the public space of the future” (NaKoMo workshop, January 2021)


Further information on the Network’s workshops and events can be found here.