NOW GmbH has published a meta-study on the subject of hydrogen combustion engines as alternative drive systems, comparing both the scientific data and the TCO costs. In this study, the hydrogen combustion engine is compared with a conventional diesel engine as well as with a fuel cell system under different conditions and applications.

Drawing on publications and the statements of experts, “The hydrogen engine as an alternative drive system” (“Wasserstoffmotor als alternativer Antrieb”) meta-study evaluates the potential for using a hydrogen combustion engine as an alternative drive system. The meta-study provides an overview of the current state of the art of the hydrogen combustion engine technology and presents an overview of the research questions that are currently unanswered. Secondly, technical, economic and application-related comparisons are made with fuel cell drive technology and the advantages and disadvantages of both drive systems are examined. The comparison is made on the basis of the current technical data with various drive models such as the diesel combustion engine. In addition, corresponding cost analyses are conducted (TCO analyses). Furthermore, the study answers the question of whether a coexistence of both hydrogen-based drive systems is possible.

The study can be downloaded here (in German):

Metastudie “Wasserstoff-Verbrennungsmotor” (PDF)