After around 18 months of the project’s duration, the official final event of the HyStarter region of Eichstätt took place at the beginning of August. 30 delegates from the district of Eichstätt, comprised of stakeholders from business, municipal politics and the district’s administration, made their way to Wunsiedel in Upper Franconia.

Following the official welcome address by the deputy district administrator, Berhard Sammiller, first on the agenda was a look back on the path of the Eichstätt district hydrogen region and the associated strategic process. In a total of six strategy dialogues and a large information event, around 25 actors of the network that was created discussed the potentials and application opportunities of hydrogen in the Eichstätt district. They also shared their experiences and based on expert presentations, formed a joint vision for the district. In addition to developing a vision for 2030 for a hydrogen economy in the Eichstätt district, the preparation of a regional technology concept based on this vision for the production, distribution and use of hydrogen as well as a profitability analysis, the main focus of the process was the development of concrete project ideas. All this eventually led to a results report, produced by the network, together with Berlin-based Nuts One GmbH, which had supported the district in the overall HyStarter process. This was presented at the closing event in Wunsiedel and is available for download at

Along with the review of the strategy process of the Eichstätt district, the approximately 30 excursion participants were given insights into current Bavarian and Germany-wide developments in hydrogen and perspectives in undertaking hydrogen projects through the expert presentations by Eike Friedrichs (Nuts One GmbH, Berlin) and Fredrik Wewetzer (NOW GmbH, Berlin). The excursion to Wunsiedel was topped off by a tour through the energy park there, home to Bavaria’s largest electrolysis plant with a capacity of around nine megawatts. Green hydrogen is produced there with the aid of renewable energies. The plant was largely shut down however, shortly after it was commissioned in September of last year. The reason behind this was the electricity price cap and the associated skimming of surplus revenues from electricity producers, which rendered operation unprofitable. As this regulation has since expired, production is expected to start soon in Wunsiedel.

The hydrogen network established in the district of Eichstätt will be continued following the now officially completed funding phase. In order to take account of the wishes and suggestions of participating players in terms of structuring future work of the network, they will be included in the process. This will allow the priorities in terms of content as well as the organizational framework of future activities can be specifically customised. Companies and organisations from the district of Eichstätt that are interested in participating in the hydrogen network can contact the Economic Development Department of the Eichstätt district by email at .

Source of original release and image: Eichstätt district office