Another important component of the hydrogen heavy-duty refuelling station in Neumünster has been secured. Hypion Motion Neumünster GmbH & Co. KG is ordering hydrogen transport containers from Wystrach GmbH in Weeze, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Norwegian company, Hexagon Purus ASA.

The 2024 delivery of the three 40-foot hydrogen distribution systems worth around 2.2 million euros will enable the milestone of 800 kg of refuelled hydrogen per day to be achieved. The investment will, furthermore, create a reliable basis for the supply of 2,000 kg H2 per day at the Neumünster H2 hub. This amount of energy represents around 5 million heavy-duty kilometres and in future, more than 5,100 tonnes of CO2 savings annually.

The H2 Hub NMS project is funded under the National Innovation Programme for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology in the amount of 4,891,320 euros by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport. The funding guideline is coordinated by NOW GmbH and implemented by Project Management Jülich (PtJ).

Implementation shapes the energy transition

“Cooperation with the best and most experienced technology providers on the market is crucial to implementing our projects successfully, economically and competitively”, says Dr. Stefan Rehm, Development Director at Hypion. “We are delighted to have gained Wystrach as part of the team for the development of a network of green hydrogen refuelling stations in North Germany and Germany.”

“Our Wystrach high-pressure distribution system can be used as a mobile storage system for hydrogen refuelling stations. This can reduce both the overall investment as well as operational costs, as in this way it eliminates the need for fixed storage capacity and the energy consumption on site can be reduced”, says Matthias Kötter, Head of Sales at Wystrach, adds: “The hybrid use of our distribution systems enables Hypion to both efficiently transport and feed into the refuelling station in Neumünster using the same distribution system.”

Market environment

The mobility sector is responsible for around 20% of annual carbon emissions and hydrogen plays an important role in reducing these emissions. Heavy-duty transport is of particular significance in this regard. Providing green hydrogen for use in the mobility sector, among other areas, is an essential component of decreasing carbon emissions. Entire systems with hydrogen production, transport, distribution and use are to be established as integrated hydrogen economies. This is what Hypion, together with its partners, are implementing in Neumünster in 2023.