With over 40 different events and activities, Hydrogen Week North 2021 (#WDWN2021 – “Woche des Wasserstoffs Nord 2021”) invites people interested in hydrogen to exchange ideas and experiences from 12 – 20 June. For nine days, everything in the five northern German states – Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein – will revolve around hydrogen as an energy source. Northern Germany is pursuing the goal of establishing a green hydrogen economy by 2035.

Thanks to wind power, the North is today already contributing to the energy transition like no other region in the country. This is especially true for the electricity sector. But in order to achieve the climate goals in the industrial, chemical, heating and mobility sectors too, the North is relying on hydrogen as a source of energy. Hydrogen connects the sectors as a natural gas substitute, process gas and fuel. It can also be used to harness surplus wind power that cannot be fed into the grid by means of electrolysis and make it storable in the long term. In addition to climate protection aspects, the development of a green hydrogen economy creates added value and generates skilled jobs.

The #WDWN2021 programme is diverse and encompasses: various lectures, expert talks, live streams, films, podcasts, discussion panels, webinars, digital and living laboratory tours, an international symposium, a digital poster exhibition, a showcase presentation, a quiz, a welcoming address and a parliamentary evening, as well as a press trip, a moderated press conference, a summer festival, an aviation forum, a coffee talk and the awarding of funding certificates.

At the German-language website www.woche-des-wasserstoffs.de, you can learn more about the events and find detailed information on how to register and participate. All events and activities are provided free of charge! However, registration is required for certain events. H2 MOBILITY Germany is the initiator and is supported by the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP), the German Hydrogen Association (DWV – Deutscher Wasserstoffverband), hySOLUTIONS, IHK NORD (Chamber of Industry and Commerce of North Germany), NOW GmbH (National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology) and Hydrogen Society Hamburg (Wasserstoffgesellschaft Hamburg) as well as by the five North German states. H2 MOBILITY is responsible for the overall press activities and will accompany the week with a film. The main subject is the “Hydrogen Sofa”, which will be located in a different city or region each day and will be used for interviews and activities, ensure a high level of recognition.