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Car rally and green light for the first German-Swiss H2 forum 2021

On Monday, 28 September 2020, at 4pm sharp, the starter pistol will be fired for Germany’s second H2 rally. Over a 24 hour period, over 15 teams with various hydrogen cars will compete against one another. Starting in Konstanz, the goal is to cover as many kilometres as possible within 24 hours, collect points in the different federal states and stop at the required attractions, as well as document the highly enjoyable fuel cell trip. The challenge will finish in Stuttgart at the f-cell trade fair.

This also signals the launch of the first German-Swiss H2 forum on 26 April 2021 in Konstanz for NOW GmbH (National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology), Avenergy Suisse and emobil BW (innovation agency and competence centre for the state of Baden-Württemberg for new mobility solutions and the automotive sector).

On both sides of the border there is a variety of hydrogen projects. Here are some examples:

  • 1,000 Hyundai fuel cell trucks will soon be travelling on Swiss roads. Swiss transport companies can rent the trucks via a rental model. For this purpose Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility was founded between Hyundai and H2 Energy. A new fuel cell system operates the Xcient brand of trucks, facilitating a range of around 400 kilometres.
  • In Germany the number of hydrogen refuelling stations is increasing day by day. Soon this year’s target of 100 hydrogen refuelling stations for fuel cell cars will be achieved. The current status can be viewed here: www.h2.live
  • From Allgäu to Stralsund, regional hydrogen concepts are currently underway as part of the HyLand project. They are demonstrating that no matter how varied the conditions, the development of a green hydrogen economy is possible everywhere, helping both the climate and the economy.

With the national hydrogen strategy, the German government is committing itself to the central importance of hydrogen to achieve climate objectives. Only with hydrogen as an energy source can CO2 emissions be successfully reduced by 55 per cent by 2030 or by 95 per cent by 2050 in all energy consumption areas.

“In order to reach climate goals in the transport sector, we need all sustainable drive technologies and all CO2-neutral and low CO2 fuels”, says Kurt-Christoph von Knobelsdorff, Managing Director (Chair) of NOW GmbH. “With the 24-hour rally and in particular the German-Swiss H2 forum that will take place in 2021 in Konstanz, we are demonstrating that the technologies are indeed developed and that industry and politics are already committed.”

German-Swiss H2 forum

On 26 April 2021 the first German-Swiss H2 forum will take place in Konstanz. It will showcase examples of the application of hydrogen technology on both sides of the border and highlight the major commitment of both countries to the technology. Thinking about hydrogen beyond borders, stimulating joint German-Swiss projects and producing synergy effects are the goals of the H2 forum.

24-hour hydrogen challenge

In the second 24-hour hydrogen challenge, teams of up to four people are competing in order to, among other goals, cover the longest distance using a hydrogen car within a 24-hour period. The objective is to demonstrate the everyday feasibility of hydrogen vehicles, in particular for long distances.