Regions wishing to make use of hydrogen as a clean energy source within the scope of a regional hydrogen economy can now apply for federal funding. With the categories HyExperts and HyPerformer, new competitions are being launched as part of the “HyLand – Hydrogen Regions in Germany” funding measure, with the aim of identifying the best concepts for integrating hydrogen in the transport sector in a particular region. Applications can be submitted now and until 30.9.2019.

The potential integration of hydrogen as a source of energy is to be demonstrated at various levels in the selected regions. Any region in Germany can become a hydrogen region – regardless of previous experience. The multi-stage offer takes the specific local needs, resources and potentials into account. The support ranges from assistance in raising awareness of the topic and initiating the organisation of the stakeholder landscape, to the creation of integrated concepts, in-depth analyses and the procurement of applications enabling the resulting concepts to be implemented.

Expressions of interest for the HyStarter category have already been concluded. Here, 138 regions applied for the development of concepts for the integration of hydrogen and fuel cell technology on the basis of renewable energies. The selection process is currently underway. In the HyExperts and HyPerformer categories, the competition is aimed at regions that have already gained initial experience or wish to implement existing concepts.

Specifically, the competition categories HyExperts and HyPerformer comprise:

HyExperts: Regions that have already identified potential or gained initial experience with hydrogen and fuel cells, found project partners and formulated project ideas, are eligible to apply for funding as HyExperts. A jury evaluates the submitted concepts and selects the winners. Prize money totalling 1.5 million euros is available to HyExperts for the further development of the concepts right up to their implementation.

HyPerformer: Potential HyPerformers can apply for funding to implement existing concepts within the scope of a further competition. A jury will select the winner (or a maximum of two winners) from all entries. The total prize money for the HyPerformers amounts to 20 million euros, which will be made available in the form of investment grants for procurements.

Applications to become an HyExpert or HyPerformer can be submitted now. More information regarding the available funding and the applicable procedure can be found at