At the meeting of the National Hydrogen Council (Nationaler Wasserstoffrat – NWR) on 29 October 2021, discussions included the EU’s Fit for 55 package. The package includes proposals from the EU Commission on the revision or modification of directives and regulations in the area of climate protection policy for the purposes of implementing the European Green Deal.

In a first round, the NWR commented on the EU’s hydrogen-associated plans for an alternative fuels infrastructure (Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation – AFIR) as well as the use of alternative fuels in aviation and maritime transport (ReFuel Aviation und FuelEU Maritime).

The infrastructure regulation is a key element for rolling out and using hydrogen in transport, explains NWR Chairperson Katherina Reiche. Regarding the ReFuel Aviation Initiative, NWR urges a higher level of ambition. It is both necessary in terms of climate policy and technically possible to meet 100% of aviation demand by 2050 using sustainable fuels. The NWR is also calling for a speedy implementation of reduction targets in the shipping sector.

Details can be found in the three statements.

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