Under the slogan “Initiate. Promote. Network.”, NOW GmbH is using a short film to explain how the Federal Ministry for the Environment supports the development of decentralised and off-grid power supply using sustainable H2 technologies with the „Environmental Technologies Export Initiative” (EXI – Exportinitiative Umwelttechnologien) funding programme.

The Environmental Technologies Export Initiative (EXI) aims to promote and disseminate environmental technologies and thus make a concrete contribution to sustainable development and better living conditions in other countries. Since 2021, NOW GmbH has been responsible for the thematic focus of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies for the decentralised and off-grid supply of electricity as a programme company of the federal government. Climate-damaging diesel generators are to be replaced for the sake of electrification and security of supply in off-grid areas. At present, these generators consume an enormous amount of fuel and, with annual carbon dioxide emissions of around 100 million tonnes, offer enormous potential for savings. The need for a reliable and clean supply of electricity is particularly high in emerging and developing countries. This is where small and medium-sized German companies as well as research institutions can contribute to finding solutions directly on location together with international partners in order to ensure sustainable development. The range of applications is extremely diverse: from the supply of electricity for a mobile phone system in remote areas or ensuring the secure and uninterrupted supply of critical infrastructures, to the operation of an island network for a remote hotel complex.

The first three projects dealing with on-site implementation will start in November. German companies and research institutions are set to cooperate with project partners in India, Jordan and South Africa.

The explanatory films are available in German and English via the following links:

Exportinitiative Umwelttechnologien (EXI) – DE
Export Initiative Environmental Technologies (EXI) – EN


About EXI

The BMU launched the “Environmental Technologies Export Initiative” in 2016. The associated guideline for the support of measures in the field of the export of green and sustainable (environmental) infrastructure (Förderung von Maßnahmen im Bereich des Exports von grüner und nachhaltiger (Umwelt-) Infrastruktur) is intended to make the know-how and application of innovative climate protection technologies and their infrastructure internationally exchangeable and accessible. For concrete and sustainable development, suitable capacities and supply chains are also to be established locally, appropriate framework conditions created and cross-project knowledge gained and developed. Since 2021, projects in the field of “green hydrogen and fuel cell technologies” for the off-grid and decentralised supply of electricity can be explicitly funded via the guideline.

The funding programme is aimed specifically at German technology companies in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technology that are seeking to establish themselves on an international level and create sales markets worldwide, as well as research institutions based in Germany that are implementing the scientific design and monitoring of a project. The focus here is on the provision and testing of systems that enable the environmentally friendly, off-grid or decentralised supply of electricity.

Priority will be given to international pilot/demonstration projects in which German companies and research institutions based in Germany make a contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contribute to the general gain in knowledge and the associated opening of the market.

Project ideas can be submitted to the listed contact persons at any time and developed into complete outlines after consultation. An overview of the EXI project management agency provides a general outline of the applicable funding conditions and formal requirements for outlines and funding applications.